Let’s move in unison

within the warmth of our own soul

And not as two discarnate flames

erring aimlessly in a cold universe


I have made my dwelling in the past

and you like to weave the future beforehand


I exert control on what surrounds me

and you hold tight what lies within you


I’m so impatient I’d be a rabbit

and you’re so patient you’d compete with a turtle

except that you’re upright and graceful as a hare

and I’m curled up and hunched like a turtle


Emotions are so intimate to me

so alien to you

and yet they’re here between us

a river of light

flowing between my flame and yours


How to move

from disharmony to harmony

how to retrieve

the little piece of myself

I’ve left trapped in you

how to give you back

the lock of spiritual hair

you once confided me