Realm of storms

The storm

Have you seen the meandering river

hidden by lazy vapors

It’s showing you the path

to the realm of clouds

and storms


Notice beyond the darkness of the sky

lies a tiny bright door in the thickest of cloud

follow the course of the forest

and you will reach there


Time has come to step

where your fears held you back

Time has come to embrace this storm

within your heart

you’ve strived for so long

to contain


Welcome this storm open arms

Become this storm

Shout with it the sound of thunder

Hiss with it the wailing of winds

Cry with it the spattering of rain

And fly with it the flight of clouds

Become this storm

Become this storm

You are this storm

Fire and wind and thunder are your true nature

Reembrace it


Haven’t you missed

embracing yourself

accepting yourself

loving yourself

After all this time

It’ll feel like returning home

and being whole again

whole again

full of love and compassion

capable of being moved

by the flicker of a white butterfly over a field of grass

by the morning dew on a dry summer day

by the scent of night flowers perfuming your room under the curtains

that will be no longer

for you’ll welcome the wind and the thunder

within your heavenly bed of clouds