Impatience makes you do things

you don’t truly want to do

Things stemming not from love

but from loveless shadows


You do them under the pretense

you shouldn’t be afraid of them

and must try them over and over again

to understand and heal them


But after all this reasoning

can be pushed to the extreme

Where mathematics hit their limit

Where your trapped rational mind

stalls in an endless loop


Yes, doubts and fears and cravings must be explored

but how to differentiate constructiveness from self-indulging

to what extent should you live your sexual fantasies

how far should you push your endeavor to become more popular on the net

when this is consuming you precious time and frustrating you with its ineffectiveness


This poem sets the limit

Impatience stems from a doubt, a lack of faith

and from an inner fierceness, a strong vision of truth that must be fulfilled at all cost

you can’t get rid of this fear easily

but you can learn to ride the potent winds of your fiery nature

using this fire not as a combustible for your shadows

but as a purifying river rushing through your veins

and carrying you closer from truth and love


From now on, stop doubting

stop being self-destructive

stop doing things you well-know don’t stem from love

stop being afraid from life, afraid from giving yourself all the love you deserve

All the ingredients of success are within you

but a strong leap of faith is required

a strong decision to let go of shadows

of trees and shrubs that do not take root in your soul but in your ego

cut down these trees and uproot them with all your strength

for they bear the seed of bitterness in their fruits

instead, focus on this little plant that is so beautiful to your eyes

watch it grow every day, developing one tiny leaf after another

give it your love, water it with your tears, strengthen it with your fieriness, shower it with your joy

for this is the tree of your soul

the tree of happiness and love





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