Surviving in a pragmatic world


How to live in this world

and meet its down-to-earth expectations

when you belong to another world

where fantasy has more substance and reality

than the concrete under your feet


How to be yourself

and not be judged

discarded as an idealist, a lunatic

How to be yourself

and make a living in a world

where you must pay for literally everything


Hard questions that have kept me busy for a long time

Now finally, I’ve started experiencing in real life the answers I intuited


The building block is your faith in yourself

Your intimate knowledge of your feelings and your dreams

If you are strong within you literally radiate a wave of positive energy outward

People around you will challenge you at first, shout at you even

If you believe in yourself, you will remain calm and quiet

and know that eventually they will understand


The faith in yourself must be accompanied with a faith in life

a faith in love, a faith in the divine

You must firmly believe that life will turn out for the best for you

trusting life blindly

following your dreams and your intuitions

As long as you are doing things you are not convinced of

life will keep on disappointing you at certain moments

because it means you still don’t love entirely, you still don’t know yourself as fully as you wish to

When you truly love yourself and others and the world around you

you know that beyond their misbehaviors and adversity

they too have a soul, they too are on the same path toward progress and self-accomplishment you are walking on

even if they are less aware about it


Don’t brag about who you are, what you believe in

people give different names to the same things

religions and languages seem to greatly differ on the surface

but deep down invisible roots connect everything

The focus is and should be on yourself

Trust others to self-develop on their own rhythm

when you feel the need to convince others

it means you have a weakness inside you don’t want to see and confront


When you see magic in the fly of a butterfly and telepathy between you and other souls

and people around you mock you

let them laugh and instead write, paint, sing, dance about your visions

and share your art, your light, and trust that only those capable of understanding will read and listen to you

the people who judge have other things to do than bothering you too often

when they do it means you still have an insecurity to heal within

and once you’re truly yourself, your voice will be so strong that the barriers they’ve built around their heart will falter, and they beauty of what you’re creating will touch them and force them to reconnect to their true selves


At the end, everything, literally everything that happens and exists around you

is controlled by a higher reality, by God, by the billions and billions of souls that live in the spiritual world

nothing happens without their knowledge their agreement

and even when life seems tremendously unfair, this unfairness has a reason to exist

this unfairness is making people suffer, but through their suffering they grow, they grow in knowledge of themselves and in depth

and if they die, they’ll take a rest in the spiritual world, before returning to earth to live another life they choose to live

there’s no unfairness, only agreeable and disagreeable experiences, and both will bring you little stones to add to the temple of knowledge you’ve been building since thousands of years, live after live



What about money, how to live your dream when you need to earn your living

well, logic and rationality are not your best guides

they may be on the short term, but they surely won’t on the long run

when you decide to quit conventionality and dig your path in the rock

you will undergo hardships at first

but remember, the dreams, the intuitions, the emotions you have are all provided to you by the universe

if they are pushing you strongly in one direction it means that’s the way to follow

no matter what people around you tell you

trust this voice within, and surely this great power doesn’t want you to die from hunger and live under bridges in the dampness of rivers

perhaps for some time you will lack money and material comfort, and it will happen to teach another valuable lesson, and help you better tune your inner ear to the voice of your soul, to the voice of all souls and God

what you should know is that you’re never, never alone

and a loving force is always watching over you

and even if it lets you undergo hardships and suffer and die

it is for your own good, for your growth

until you will become a fully enlightened soul, and you will join all the other souls in tailoring new worlds, each doing what you are best at, what you love the most



“Huttes” is a watercolor painting by Chantal Peguiron

About Erik Vincenti Zakhia

Dear all, I will share with you many of my poems, short stories, drawings and paintings telling of my journey of self-discovery and my reflections about life, love, art, spirituality, sexuality, kundalini rise, and twin flames. They all fall within the realm of Hazen. May you have an inspiring visit!

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