Oh dear

Why are you so hiding

Depriving the world from your light?


Is it a feeling of worthlessness

of doubting and downplaying your very gift?

Is it the fear of exposing your naked heart to the world

and being judged for who you are

making you flee in anticipation of the hurt to come?

Is it the terror of irrevocable failure that is holding you in place

because your Dream is too important for you to lose?


Your prose and your poetry, your voice and your music

are invaluable gifts for the ears and the eyes they connect with

Stop hiding and stifling them within the inner fumes of your fears

Stop drowning into the darkness of this smoke

Recognize it for what is it, unsubstantial gas

And blow it away with the brightness of your inspiration

given life in ink and colors and sounds



A volcano does not hide

It uses the inner warmth lying at its very core

to blow

and shower nearby lands with its boiling lava

that if given enough time becomes the best of molds



Be that volcano in your art

Blow your creativity

burning the hearts of those who come too close

With the promise that, as their skin heals

they’ll grow into a closer version of their true selves


You’ll first have to accept the pain yourself

since each time a volcano explodes

it burns and covers the slopes of its own dome, its own body

before filling nearby valleys