Believe in yourself

Don’t try to convince the people who do not believe in you

If they do not believe in you, they are doing to help you

They are victims of their own narrow-mindedness, their own doubts, their own fears

and at the same time they are helping you

they are helping you to grow into the adversity

they are helping you to seek the confidence not in their reassuring words but in your inner faith

a faith in life, in God, in yourself

a faith so strong it makes you quiet within the turmoil of life

a faith so strong it moves mountains

a faith so strong it pushes you to work day and night to accomplish your dreams

and trust that someday, when you will be as strong as you wish, as strong as you should be

all the people around you will admire you and love you for who you are

and you will bring some light to their heart, and help them getting rid of this web of negativity they’ve woven around themselves

Meanwhile, as long as you are not that strong, as long as you are not immune to their judgment

stay clear of them when you can, and stand on your ground when they confront you

stand on your ground and listen to them carefully, not to the literal meaning of their words

but to the fear behind, and find this same fear mirrored in you

find this fear and eradicate it with its deepest roots

and someday you will thank these persons that have stood in your way, because they have forced you to become stronger

so strong that you will break rocks with your bare hands