Meeting my soul sister


And so the writress girl and I stopped corresponding again

Despite my unconditional love for her, I still had too much jealousy and insecurity within me to fully understand and accept her relationship with the vulture

After my initial outburst of sadness and anger, I wrote her again twice when I felt entirely at peace with myself and told her I pardoned her, but she never replied

The same day I wrote her the last time, I was invited at the birthday party in the house of a friend

I wasn’t so much in the mood for socializing, but I dragged myself there as I didn’t want to disappoint my friends

Discussions hovered around down to earth themes, until I suddenly asked the small assembly present what was their most unusual, uncommon, spiritual experience in life

The discussions became way more interesting

And a bit later an acquaintance came to sit by me, and she asked me if I thought she could earn her living with her art

She chose me to ask her question because she knew my dream was to become a novelist

She wanted to be reassured, because at the time she didn’t have a lot of faith in herself, and one of the guys present at the party had laughed of her ambition to be an artist

I told her I believed it was possible, if you were really passionate about what you were doing

Then our conversation deepened, and suddenly I was launched in my own story, yarning her my tale with the writress girl

And she listened to me in a way and with an interest no one had ever shown before

I used to tell my story to all my closest friends, and they listened to me, some judged me or her, finding us weird, other just listened with interest

But the paintress girl was literally drinking my words, all her face awakened, understanding all what I had gone through

And I felt so comfortable with her I told her every little detail of my story

And all our surroundings, the other people present at the party, blurred away

It was already time to go, and we parted

I told her I wanted to see her again soon, and within me I was very surprised, because I had never suspected she had this depth

One or two weeks later she proposed me to go to an art exhibition in *******

We went together and spent all day long telling one another the story of our lives

We had both gone through bullying at school, we both had a very strong passion toward our arts, writing and painting

I was surprised by how at ease I felt with her

But when I write down this sentence I realize it’s not true

The truth is that I felt so at ease with her I did not even find it surprising

It’s as though we had always been best friends

We spent more than ten hours together in a row, and she did not drain me of my energy, and instead we spoke and spoke with passion

That evening we visited an art place in an abandoned building

An old woman had insisted that we go there, we followed her crossing a small river, reaching a narrow valley overlooking the old town

She left us there, and my paintress friend did not dare go inside the building, but I told her we’ve come so far, let’s go in

We pushed the door and climbed a flight of stairs, visited a floor, then climbed another flight of stair, visited the second floor

Each time she didn’t dare to go in, but I dragged her, I was used to enter abandoned and inhabited buildings when inspiration brought me there

At the second floor there were large striking oil paintings, and we admired them

And later we met the painter who seemed quite young and his mentor

My paintress friend discussed with the painter, while I discussed of the mentor who told me to send him some of my writings, as his wife was a writer too and he could perhaps help me with the process

After quarter of an hour or so we left, and I didn’t notice anything unusual at the time

It’s only two weeks later that my paintress friend who had become the best friend I had ever had told me how much of an impact this encounter had had on her

Funnily, I had already told myself I believed this girl would meet her twin soul

And indeed, she had met him, the painter of the abandoned factory

When in front of him, they had started smiling uncontrollably to one another

And while they looked at his large, beautiful painting, picturing a mountain and a small lake with a forest at dusk

She had a strong vision where she was painting together with him, on the same canvas

Afterward, she told to herself that this encounter was very important, that probably the soul of the painter was related to hers, that he was going to help her to become an artist

But it’s only two weeks later she understood with the heart she loved him, and that was when she shyly confessed her nascent love for him

I had finally found a trip companion along the steep path of reuniting with my twin soul

And what a companion! She was as crazy and dreamy and artistic as I was

She too fully embraced the intensity of emotions the writress girl was terrified to see in me

“Flammes jumelles” is a painting Chantal Peguiron sent me shortly after we became best friends, inspired from her reading about twin flames, few days before meeting her own twin.

If you haven’t read the beginning of this story, you can start with chapter 1 – meeting my twin soul – the Dream, or with the previous chapter meeting my twin soul – No!

About Erik Vincenti Zakhia

Dear all, I will share with you many of my poems, short stories, drawings and paintings telling of my journey of self-discovery and my reflections about life, love, art, spirituality, sexuality, kundalini rise, and twin flames. You will also come across many paintings by Chantal Peguiron that are intimately related to my artwork. They all fall within the realm of Hazen. If you like it, don’t hesitate to subscribe and follow me on social media! May you have an inspiring visit!


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  3. Ce week end j’ai sorti des vieux dessin et il est réapparu devant mes yeux et entre mes mains 🙂

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