Losing control


My paintings

and my words

tell stories

of shadows

and love

and they dance


always closer

and closer

they dance



of their growing bond

and they dance


shouting at me

to leave them




I was scared of heights

And I trained myself to

walk on the fine edge

between life and death


I am afraid of losing control

And I am striving in

giving free reign to

the brush in my hand



I am anguished about lacking money

And I decided

To spend

To spend without counting anymore

Whatever the worth of my bank account

I trust in life I trust in God

If this is my way

I will follow it bravely

I will walk on my path

without looking back

without peering forward

I will walk

Just walk

Along this path to myself

And I will tune in with

the imagery of my writings

the poetry of my drawings

And from their wisdom

I will grow

I will grow in truth and love



“Dance of colors” is a watercolor that wanted to paint itself