Wheel of Shadows (Cycle to Wholeness)

As a human being living on Earth, we are incomplete on four different levels, coming from this separation, this veil, between the heart and the mind, and between us and others.


  • Family/Society Acceptance and Love: we are separated from other human beings, other souls, and from God. We often face events we are forced to confront on our own. We can’t obtain the approval and love of all people around us. Sometimes even the closest people around us turn against us, or die leaving us alone. For some people, it can be a powerful anguish to imagine people close to them dying. Or to be rejected by their families because of their choices. On a more daily basis this anguish can manifest by the need of being always connected on our cellphone, on social media, of always checking if other people have not written us.
  • Physical/Emotional Wholeness and Self-Love: we feel a gap within, a fundamental incompleteness, related to the fact that we don’t love unconditionally our self, we’re not in entire harmony with our soul, we don’t let the love within our heart flow freely. We can fill momentarily this gap or lack of love through sexual intercourse, or other sensual pleasures of life such as eating, drinking, smoking, masturbating, taking drugs or even self-harming our body. Indulging in intense physical sensations will for a moment make us forget this emptiness. We can also fill it more permanently through a healthy romantic relationship, but again as soon as our alternative other is far, we may feel this gap within. This dimension is also related to the material welfare of our body, and if we’re not comfortable enough in life, it can generate powerful anguishes about money, housing, food and water.
  • Understanding the meaning of Life and God: we can’t comprehend the full truth through our minds, why we are on earth, how and why the universe was born, whether God exists or not, what infinity and heaven are, what comes after death. For some people this dimness of understanding and existential uncertainty in which we are plunged can be a very strong anguish.
  • Understanding the psychology of Self and Other: we can’t fully understand our true self, who we are, why do we behave in this or that way depending on our state of mind and circumstances. And we can’t fully comprehend how others behave, what motivates each human being in his life, how he thinks, what makes him ticks. We are afraid not to be right, not to make the right decision, since we don’t know the full truth of ourselves and life. Some people are in constant need of validation, that they’re ideas are correct and true, they need to receive positive reassurance, always more likes on social media, and so on. Others want to impose their view of the world on people, and this stems from an insecurity within (they need to convince others to be convinced themselves).


These fundamental incompletenesses, manifested at various degrees in each person, can be a constant anguish stalling our mind, a perpetual suffering bleeding our heart, and they can become very destructive to ourselves and others.

Unconsciously, throughout all our life, we are all looking for wholeness and completeness in every single thing we do. But since there are four levels or dimensions of incompletenesses, it results in very different behaviors from one person to the other. And we often are well-aware of the shortcomings of people around us, but blind to our own shortcomings which we motivate by some higher ideal or principles.


Take a moment to think about it. To apply it to the patterns you unconsciously perform, the anguishes which torture you, especially the ones you deem destructive, the ones which bring you misery.

Often they’re not at all “rational”, but they’re here, slowly eating all your energy, all your focus, all your happiness, poisoning your life.


So how to get rid of these anguishes? How to get out from the Wheel of Shadows? Of course there’s no simple answer. Each person follows his or her own path toward self-discovery and enlightenment. The most important perhaps is to be aware that many of our daily acts are shadow acts. They are not acts stemming out of love for ourselves and others and for truth and light. They are anguished repetitive acts and thoughts we instinctively, mechanically go through.


At the end, the Wheel of Shadows is not a perpetual suffering inflicted to us by God. It is an opportunity of self-grow through our lacks. Here follows a simple metaphor to illustrate it. If the first men living on Earth had had plenty to eat and drink, and clothes to wear, and adobes where to live, parachuted by angels each night, there are strong chances that many of them would have led lazy lives, never exploring the lands beyond theirs, never inventing new techniques. There wouldn’t have been agriculture, nor tools, nor stone buildings, nor technology and progress. It’s the lack of physical comfort that has pushed human beings to build the civilization, the societies we live in today. And these societies are of course at our images, still very imperfect. They have shadows as we have shadows. And they still have problems, lacks to face, for instance providing water, comfort, education for people; facing climate changes and wars. And this pushes societies to evolve and change. Changes are not always in the right direction. But if we imagine that civilization continues to progress for millennia, perhaps one day societies will come closer to perfection since human beings would have finally learnt from the thousands of repeated mistakes they’d have made over centuries.


It’s the same principle that governs our lives. We are motivated by this lack, these lacks, within. We often go in the wrong directions to fulfill them, but we learn in the process. Learning can be slow; sometimes lives and lives are necessary to make significant progress. Like societies.


The final aim of life, for me, is to have entire faith in God, in the universe, in life. It is to have entire faith in yourself too. It is to love yourself as much as you love others, and love others as much as you love yourself, and to find beauty and truth in each thing around you, and push others to do the same. The final aim of life is to live up to love and truth. It is to let your soul fully express itself in harmony with your body and your mind and with all other things around you, humans, animals, plants, rocks, landscape, air. That’s what we are very slowly learning to do. And this is why I’ve called the Wheel of Shadows the Cycle to Wholeness.


And here is a tentative diagram I had drawn before writing this post.

The wheel of shadows 2

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