The rainbow riversThe rainbow rivers 2

Portilium is one of Hazen’s largest and most thriving cities. There you find all sorts of people, all sorts of institutions. It is a grandiose place, as it has been built by some of the most gifted architect-wizards. And it is quite old a place too.

When one strolls there, he marvels at the grandness of buildings which articulate along a system of canals. Strollers can move by foot or by small rowboats. Roads are narrow. All the city is built on what was a marshy plain not far from the sea, so you also see huge vessels that are charging and discharging wares.

In Portilium you find the largest libraries known of in Hazen, containing many collections of precious hand-written books, telling all the history of Hazen and of Earthia, telling of the stories of all the most famous wizards and witches, telling some of the most precious and coveted secrets of the lore of magic. All the people with some ambitions in Hazen have already been in Portilium, or already live there.


There are those who perform the magic of the mind, and those who are gifted with the magic of the heart. Those who are gifted with the magic of the mind resemble very much human beings who live in Earthia. Portilium is a city of their creation. Therefore it has been built to be efficient and grandiose, but not to allow individual freedom to bloom. It’s well integrated in nature and yet it is not grown from nature. Each building, each piece of the city, is creative, without being a piece of art in itself.

All the dwelling buildings are two or three stories and they’re almost identical except for their colors which changes from neighborhood to another. There are eight neighborhoods in total, the white, the yellow, the orange, the green, the blue, the mauve, the silver and the black one. Each neighborhood is dedicated to another craft, another sort of magic. They are articulated like eight equally sized pieces of cake, around a central core where the city center containing the city hall as well as the libraries and all the other buildings of power and administration is located. The slices of town are separated from one another with larger canals.

The most impressive buildings are located in the core of the city. But each of the slices has too a unique building containing a library too, with a unique square around, and there always are many visitors and many researchers chatting there, discussing of how the world is going, discussing of their latest research, of the advancement of the science of magic, of the remote provinces of Hazen and many other things.


In a way, Portilium has tried to claim control over all these known provinces of Hazen. But because of distance and because of these provinces peculiarities, this control is not always very effective.



The birth of Hazen happened when human beings denied the existence of magic and started burning people who were convicted of being witches and wizards. No, it already existed, but before perhaps the barrier between worlds was more porous.


It’s hard to write about Hazen, about Portilium, about magic systems, because I can hardly answer these questions yet. Perhaps I should start by writing from Earthia, where I currently am, in this haze where we know very little of the truth. Hazen is only a myth for me now, a distant idea. Earthia is my tangible reality. Let’s start from here.