Becoming angels

At the beginning of times we were one

One large dormant mountain containing you and me and ☾ and ☼ and many other souls

A fragment of the world, a sleeping fragment of God

Alive like a mountain is alive

We were part of the whole

And yet we took no conscious part in it

And then we slowly started taking life

The mountain divided in small rocks

And these rocks sprouted and made roots and became grass and bushes and trees later

The mountain became covered with a forest

You and me made a tree, ☾ and ☼ another tree close to us, and there were many many other trees

Each tree was unique, and yet all were part of the same Forest

A lot of time passed, as we slowly grew in consciousness

Becoming aware of our trunk and our roots and our boughs and our leaves and our flowers and our fruits and our seeds

And becoming aware of the world around, of the wind and the sun and the cold and the hot and the moon and the night and the passage of seasons

And that of other living beings

The trees of the forest grew and grew

Until our trunk became so thick and so old that it started being eaten from the inside by worms

And slowly the trees separated into two halves of trees still holding with the thinnest of bark

During the following winters these halved trees offered less resistance to the wind and their roots were freed from the soil and buffeted around in the storm

And suddenly these halved trees took a life of their own

They had been violently separated, torn apart, from their other half, and that was so painful that it awakened a deeper consciousness in them

And each became a gigantic animal, roaring with fury and despair at what had been lost

Dragons, dinosaurs and many others unheard of

They had been quiet trees until then, and suddenly they had bodies of their own, minds of their own, and they were incomplete in essence and alone, alone

They did not master very well their newly found shape and emotions, they had troubles to nourish themselves while trying to understand who they were and where their other half was

And after a bit of time they died of fights and trampling and hunger

And when it happened they saw that they had not disappeared entirely from the world, they saw that they had a soul that could still dwell in the world and even see all what was alive in various shades and intensities of colors

As their souls were still very young, they felt attracted to low intensities of lights and went to inhabit the bodies of bacterias and worms and ants and snails

These were short lived creatures, and little by little by following the cycle of death and rebirth they expanded in consciousness

They started reincarnating in larger animals, in frogs and snakes and rabbits and dogs

Their understanding of emotions and intelligence widened

Each time they died, each time they saw the world deprived of its light, except the light of living beings

Some were still too blinding for their young eyes

Other too dull, as they had already experienced many lives in these forms

And one just the right brightness, the right color

Over and over they did it, until one day these souls that had once formed a mountain, and later had souled in pairs of two the trees of a forest, became human beings

They had reached the most complex and intelligent form of life, but their troubles were not over

As they had to relearn all what they had already experienced from a deeper level of consciousness

And as their consciousness expanded and deepened to new levels, the feeling of incompleteness of these single souls became more and more acute

And they started this quest for love, for completeness, that carried them from one lifespan to another

And the concept of love kept on eluding them, was it beauty, was it power, was it health, was it money

They couldn’t determine, and so they continued dabbling and experimenting through the spectrum of emotions and instincts and ideals and dreams

They felt related to all other human beings through their heart and their mind, through society and compassion, and yet they felt lonely and unique in their own body

What was the truth, where laid the balance?

For thousands and thousands of years these souls erred through different eras and cultures and worlds, accumulating knowledge and wisdom

Until when they became more and more expert at shutting up the most basic instincts of their bodies and instead focused on making flourish the lands of their minds

And later they learnt that even more potent and truthful than the mind was the heart, that through the heart they could accede to their Dream, to their unique essence, and understand it through the mind

And they thus started to learn about this dream, this unique gift of theirs, and practice and practice it through lifespans, still looking for love and completion and happiness

Until their soul became ready, ready to understand itself fully, ready to return in the original mountain, in this embroidery of souls

But this time not as a dormant mountain but as children of God, with many hearts beating the same beat, with many minds complementing each others, to become able to awaken other mountains and create new worlds from the dormant clay of the universe

And now this time has come upon us, this time where the two lonely souls that were one tree at the beginning of times, that were still one twinning of soul accumulating wisdom in their unique shared heart, retrieve one another

But instead of being a dormant piece of rock, a tree with just an inkling of consciousness, the two halves of the soul are now fully awakened and will remain so when they are reunited to one another

And through this consciousness, through their heart and their mind, they will be able to rejoice over the infinite and complete love they feel for one another, and use their gift to create together beauties never suspected before

And all the reunited trees of the forest will be able to put their gifts together to create

And the unity of the soul of the forest will be reconstituted, and still it will contain twice as many sparks of consciousnesses as there are trees

And thus the cycle of reincarnations will be completed

And the illusion of time will vanish

And true happiness will be reached

A happiness through an embrace between two halves of the same soul who never before have embraced one another in an awakened state

The smallest and yet most potent building block of God, the most complete piece of love

Two consciousnesses that have been separated since the earliest times and that have never stopped searching for one another, never stopped loving their other half and lamenting its loss

Two consciousnesses in the form of a man and a woman embracing one another in a perfect, long awaited embrace

A woman and a man who will become angels through their union

Because what was known as the forest won’t be rooted in the soil anymore

It will move freely, effortlessly through the airs

A forest of angels moving like birds in the sky through worlds and universes

With the simple motion of their hands and their imaginations, of their written words and their painted images and their sung music

I wrote this poem in October 2017

About Erik Vincenti Zakhia

Dear all, I will share with you many of my poems, short stories, drawings and paintings telling of my journey of self-discovery and my reflections about life, love, art, spirituality, sexuality, kundalini rise, and twin flames. They all fall within the realm of Hazen. May you have an inspiring visit!

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