A cistern of self-hate exists hidden somewhere within you When triggered it starts pouring its bitterness through all your limbs Maddening your mind Poisoning your heart Hurting your body   This dangerous place is awakened when you are not satisfied with you day with your life Instead of doing what you should do what you … Continue reading Self-Love


Some words stem from the place is us where truth and love exist together They are precious meaningful These words should be appreciated cherished thought upon remembered   Words are not a cheap commodity to use and abuse of many of the words we speak and write are weaklings and they’re unable to bring true … Continue reading Words


Accept the artworks you produce in all their imperfection and repetitiveness for each detail bears a meaning in itself   Look at your hand painting the canvas and focus on your innermost feeling on the colors you feel like on the ones your eyes would like to see spread But don’t try to control where … Continue reading Acceptance


I gaze into the lake surface and my eyes get lost in a nebula of stars Thousands of them mixing and blending their lights together   Who am I I tiny dot single star when a constellation is shining around me   How to reach to other stars with my dull light when I don’t … Continue reading Nebula


I feel drained half a day of obligations is enough to leave me empty and to take away my word refuge   Then I need to paint to create a new tiny door yielding on the world of my dreams to step back in the place I’ve left I’ve lost   -   A strong … Continue reading Saturn


What lies beyond this sky of floating anguished clouds   What is this light I see twinkling in a thousand colors   What is this fear that weighs on my heart making me want to escape from myself   Can these words defeat my anguish   Will writing make me as strong as I want … Continue reading Heavens


Che cos’è questa ferita che nascondi sotto stratti e stratti di mattoni stagionati   Nonostante tutti i tuoi sforzi i miei occhi vedono la piaga che sanguina e le mie mani la sentono a distanza   Puoi continuare a tenerla nascosta invisibile sommersa e il dolore rimarrà sordo presente pesante in ogni atto, in ogni … Continue reading Ferita

Trapped music

Sometimes I am like a tense chord not producing any sound   I feel the notes vibrating within but my ears are deaf my limbs are stiff and my hands lay still   The melody of my soul is withheld and the words that do not flow become sticky binds tying me down    


The islands were desert and peaceful And the wind blew freely among the blades of grass And the sky was clear and light   One day civilization appeared, awareness spread Temples were built and destroyed as seasons passed Gaps were bridged, seas and skies were colonized The harmony that existed in times of yore was … Continue reading Islands

Hazy mountains

From the haze mountains emerge a pale sun shines behind a blanket of clouds New colors appear are revealed to the eyes But soon a whirlpool of mist drowns this view into blindness - "Hazy mountains" is a watercolor I painted