Interweb solitude and telepathy

The beauty of the little red light that turns on

Of the little number indicating you’ve received

New likes, new comments, new messages

No, you’re not alone, not alone

In this dark endless empty galaxy

There’s still a little bit of light that shines sometimes

Warming your heart



The interweb was born promising instantaneous communication

Between all human beings dwelling on earth

As a reminiscence of a time when distance wasn’t measured, counted

When it was enough to think strongly of someone in our heart

To know what she was thinking and feeling, wherever she may be

Now, we’ve lost that ability to communicate with everyone at the same time

We’ve lost the sense of the connection we have with every other soul

And that’s why we feel so lonely inside of our body

This gigantic and marvelous pyramid where we live on our own

Where the only way to have a contact with another soul

Is sometimes to climb up our pyramid and make waving gestures toward the top of their pyramid

Or to go down in our basement and turn on the internet

And spend the night there chatting with other souls also confined into their own basements



What if we were confined into the middle floors of our pyramid?

With no access to the interweb, nor to the pyramid top where we can see the landscape around gently lit by the evening sun

Enclosed within our own shadow, our own gloomy solitude

Would we remember how to communicate with others through our heart and our mind?

Would we retrieve the sun shining within us

And filling our soul with light and beauty and truth?

And wouldn’t we be surprised to see that the building we thought a pyramid

Is instead a vast world with mountains and clouds and lakes and islands and pastures

That we’re holding hands metaphorically with all the people we thought we were separated from

And that we’re infinitely strong and infinitely humble

And capable of the deepest of love and the grandest of creation?