Dance of shadows


In the shadows

You are dancing

On the rhythm of a music

That is not that of your soul


You know that

And yet you are dancing still

For you’ve understood liberation

Comes from trusting your shadows


After all if you have faith

In life and God

In the perfectness of universe’s plan for you

Why to fear pars of yourself?

Why to be ashamed of them?

Embrace them, explore them

Step into the dark fumes

And discover the hard truth lying underneath


You think yourself weak

For surrendering to what you call your human nature

And in a way it’s true

You’re giving up to life

But right now letting the current carry you

Is the only way to move forward


There are phases in life

When repressing shadows is invigorating

Making you feel stronger and in control

But once your path reaches a cliff and stops

There are two options, either going backward

Or jumping and losing control

Entrusting your life to the universe, to God



And once you are on hard rocks again

The fear of losing control will be forever gone

And your heart will be lighter and more luminous

For you’ll know that no matter what you do

One day or another

You always return to your true self