Earth haze membrane

chemin_paradis chantal peguiron

Map of existence - erik zakhia

Knowledge and clarity have been taken away from us

In a world where our gaze is clouded by haze

We see without seeing, without understanding


The world has many layers of reality, of truth, of wisdom


The first, immediate one that our senses perceive

A concrete material realm with objects, shapes, colors and scents

A dichotomy between the me, my body, myself and the world, others

The body is the boundary between my reality and the world’s reality

It is the temple of my soul, yet it isn’t mine entirely

It can be sick, die even, out of my control

What we perceive in our surrounding triggers our instincts, our intelligence

It pushes us to action, awakens our curiosity

We need to survive, safeguarding our body, using our mind


Leading to the second and third layers which are in a continuum

They are constituted by two mirrored dimensions

The realm of the mind, of reason

And the realm of the heart, of emotion


The mind helps us making sense of what we see, what we live

And it stores these experiences in a great library called memory


The heart provides us with basic survival instincts and more complex emotions

Giving us a direction in which to go, guiding both our immediate and long term choices


Science is the combination and systematization of the workforce of present and past minds that existed on earth

Applied science lies in shallow depths and aims at having an impact on the physical world, on both the earth and the living  through machines and techniques and medicine and agriculture

Research and theoretical science lie deeper in the ground, aiming at coming closer to the absolute truth in every field of study

Underneath the deepest and most complex layers of knowledge exists a hazy membrane, a veil surrounding the earth, surrounding everything we know

Each field of study eventually reaches the foggy membrane where things can only be approximated, where mystery cannot be entirely pierced

Therefore, science isn’t truth

Science strives to be a mirror of truth


Art is one of the expressions we can give to our emotions

It can take various forms and it draws its strength from our heart, from our feelings

These feelings, or instincts range from the shallowest, basic survival

To the deep affection that can exist between spouses, family members and friends

Each relationship between us and other persons strives to mirror true, perfect love

This love that exists between souls that are not clenched to a body, to an ego

Each piece of art tries to reawaken the deepest and most potent feelings that hide within us

To offer us a glimpse of what love truly is

Often, feelings and pieces of arts remain trapped in one particular shade of emotion, anger, sadness, elation, or in a cyclic combination of the three

The veil of haze surrounding life prevents us from taking a step back from these emotions

To understand that each of them is not the truth, but one of the faces of the prism of truth

Art and feelings aren’t love

They strive to be a mirror of love


Beyond the veil of haze exist truth and love in their purest form

Their wisdom flows in a river, the Dream river, where each soul floats, similar to a small island

This river connects all the souls with one another, illuminating them with the light of truth and love

In that part of the world, of heaven, things that were one are no longer divided

The mind is united with the heart within the soul

And science is united with art within God


Our unconscious mind lies within the realm of haze

That part of the world that is neither of earth nor of heaven

That part of the world that acts as a gate between realms, known as the tree of Yggdrasil

A gate between our heart and our mind with our soul

That’s where the key to expanding our understandings lies

That’s where the key toward retrieving our unity hides

This division around us, of mind and heart, of feelings and reasons, of matter and unsubstantial, is nothing but an illusion

An illusion we’ve chosen to delve into in order to help our soul island grow


Because once we’re dead, once we’re back in the spiritual world

We will retrieve our soul island, the towns and cathedrals and bridges we’ve started building there

And our current life will bring its set of quarried stones, bricks and timber

If we still are on earth our soul island has not reached yet its full potential

That of creating worlds in its turn, as a tiny, unique, and irreplaceable part of God


“Chemin du paradis” is a drawing by Chantal Peguiron, while the “map of existence” is a tentative sketch I’ve realized 

I invite you to listen to Singing river, the music of a young artist, Quetzal, which I often listen to when I am writing. She’s still a bit shy of showing her work, so if you like it, don’t hesitate to encourage her!

About Erik Vincenti Zakhia

Dear all, I will share with you many of my poems, short stories, drawings and paintings telling of my journey of self-discovery and my reflections about life, love, art, spirituality, sexuality, kundalini rise, and twin flames. They all fall within the realm of Hazen. May you have an inspiring visit!

One comment

  1. Anonymous

    Ho une carte un dessin un texte et une musique!!!
    C’est génial!!
    Je me réjoui de lire! ça me rends toute créative! ça m’ouvre tout mon esprit imaginaire j’aimerais beaucoup faire des cartes ce soir avec toi!! ça me donne envie aussi d’en faire!
    J’aime bien comme tu as comparé nos dessins je m’y attendais pas a celui ci je pense qu’il sont proche mais je ne l’avais pas remarqué! Car le tien est intellectuel c’est drôle de voir mon dessin de cette manière

    Liked by 1 person

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