Sadness reaches my heart

The walls that used to protect and desensitize me

Are in a badly state of disrepair

And they let arrows fly past and touch my very core


Yesterday I fired an arrow with my bow

In my soul friend chest

And I watched her passively

As she shouted in fright and pain and her wound bled


My arrow didn’t stop in her chest though

It spun around the world in one night

And as I accomplished my morning stretching

It came upon my own heart this time


I halted my exercises, cut in two by the pain of this blow

A liquid warmth flowed around my heart

And tears bottled up in my throat, in my eyes

As they slowly drew furrows along my cheeks


And tears sowed the seed of renewal on my face

They let me share the pain of my soul friend

Carry the burden she had borne alone for one night

And for a moment, feel alive and young and truthful again