Win or lose

The taste of victory is light and sweet

A good grade brings you the admiration of everyone around

It makes you feel intelligent and in control

The process of winning a game thrills you with elation

Slowly, methodically, you advance your pawns and tighten the noose

You are in control still

Your strategy is brilliant and unraveling smoothly

Everything seems possible at that moment

During and after the victory rush


The taste of defeat is bitter and heavy

It invites doubts and casts a shadow over your heart

The feeling of eager anticipation is gone

Replaced with the inevitability of failure

Tightening its grip on your state of mind


And yet, is defeat always a bad thing

And victory a good one?


To change this time

Why not surrendering to the defeat in joy

And welcoming the victory in humbleness?


Remember when you win that someday, somehow, you will lose all what you have won

All what you have won, but your knowledge of yourself, but the experience you have accumulated


Remember when you lose that someday, somehow, you won’t part with all what you have won

And instead rejoice at all what you have learnt, all the wisdom you have accumulated