The bat

Insomnia strikes again

I’m seething with so much energy

I can’t lay down and quiet my thoughts


And I flap my wings

A bat in the depth of the night

Attracted by a source of light


I circle above this mysterious radiation

I can’t see through my blindness

And I try to pierce its secret


If you saw, a bird tells me in confidence

You’d see so many blazing colors and shapes and objects and landscapes

It’s a bit like tasting different kinds of food with your palate, worms, flies, ants

Except you’re not truly touching these things around you

They’re of a beauty that speaks to your heart more than your stomach


And I despair of my blindness

I despair of not being able to see all this beauty around me

To console myself, I listen to the silent whisper of all things

When you listen carefully, each object has a slightly different tune in itself

Adding up all these tunes together, I can hear a melody that is only silence for the bird’s ears

A melody that makes me understand the meaning of a landscape

And in those moments I dream that I can see too