Life orchestra

People around us are musicians of the orchestra of life

Some play hushed melodies in the background

While others hold principal roles and play the key instruments, the loudest tunes

Unlike orchestras we choose to watch and listen to and pay for

The music of life’s orchestra is not always agreeable to our outer ears

And it is free

And it continues to play in our mind, even when we have screamed it to stop


Often our life’s orchestra resembles a huge cacophony

One where there are so many discordant voices, so many out of tune instruments

That when the cacophony grows the loudest, we don’t know anymore who we are and what we’re supposed to do

And we’re left wondering how in the hell we’re going to reconcile and quiet down these tunes

To regain our peace of mind and sleep at night


As life unravels contained tension accumulates in the played notes of our virtuoso musicians

And their hands start playing faster and louder the strings and the keys in a growing crescendo

Until all this tension explodes, bursts and our ears can’t contain anymore all this noise

And when we think that everything is going to collapse around us because of this screeching

The storm passes and the music quietens to a whispering melody


But soon, tension starts accumulating again

And we become trapped into an infernal cycle without an exit, or that’s what we believe

But what we ignore, what we forget

Is that we’ve chosen to listen to this dissonant orchestra by coming down to earth

Is that each person around us, whether well-intentioned or ill-disposed toward us

Whether gentle and kind, or harsh and unfair

Whether supportive and sweet, or judgmental and criticizing

Each person around us is playing a key role in our life orchestra, teaching us something different

And the lesson repeats over and over until it is eventually fully assimilated within our heart and our mind and our body

The lesson repeats itself until we are capable of appreciating the sheer beauty of our life orchestra at all times

Until our outer ears have tuned to the inner ears of our soul, until we recognize the musicians of our life orchestra for who they truly are

All these musicians, the people involved in a way or another in our life, our parents, our spouse, our friends, our employers, our neighbors are here to help themselves and help us

Each of them is at a different stage, struggling with various issues and wounds

Each of them speaks a different language, plays a different instrument in a unique way

Sometimes our life vision and ambition with these people seem to clash altogether

But deep down our souls and theirs are working together, in learning the value of humility and love and cooperation and beauty, in healing wounds and traumas

The path to appreciate the value, the worth, of every person around us, of each and every musician of our life orchestra is not an easy and straight one

People who are disagreeable and unfair with us or with those around us will continue to annoy and hurt us for a long while

Until we understand that we are being vexed and hurt by them because we have a wound, an insecurity, a fear, hidden deep down in us

Until we understand that they too, are behaving in such a way because of a similar wound, a similar fear

Until we understand that we are living through our fears more than through our love

That when we look at the world, we focus on its threats and not on its beauty

When we listen to our life orchestra, we focus on one or two voices we like and forget to pay attention to the whole, to how different tunes add up in a meaningful way


All what I am writing is intuitive knowledge that must be experienced and understood little by little by our rational mind

By writing these intuitions down, I am laying the foundations of the buildings of understanding I want to build in my spirit, or that’s what I hope