Abandon yourself

My mind fills with images

My body tenses and vibrates

With anticipated sensations

With imagined caresses

Oh, what a cruel and blissful awaiting it is

I can’t think of anything else

But these waves of pleasurable energy

That will bridge my limbs together and fill my brain

Until any other thought than bliss is shadowed

Eliminated for a long moment where pure ecstasy exists


Each of my cells is awaiting you

Move yourself and come to me

For your cells too are dancing this mad dance in unison with mine

Come, come to me

The night is long

The moon is dark

The wind is cold and whispering

And warm and encouraging

Come, come to me

Fulfill your craving with mine

Stop being afraid and reticent

Send prudence to the devil, and come

For one night, forget all your fears

Forget there can be consequences

Forget the entire world and forget who you are

For one night, just be yourself

Be yourself with me, but forget that we are together

Be yourself for yourself

For one night forget who you are, who you think to be

For one night, let go of every constraint and every thought

For one night just listen to the craving of your body

Act within your body, become your body as though there was no tomorrow

This night is eternity

Don’t go to sleep and come to me

Come to me

And together let’s dance this dance of pleasure

This dance that awakens the fire and water and clay and wind sleeping within us

This dance where the compass loses the north and the clock stops

This dance where we are free within our wildest craving, within our own pleasure

Abandon yourself to the cloaking embrace of bliss and ecstasy and come to me

Come to me, for that’s the only thing that matters tonight