Accepting others

Earth harshness

“Earth’s harshness”, watercolor 


Today I killed an earthworm

My grandfather asked me to

As his house is invaded by them

But I didn’t want to kill it

And immediately regretted my act

And I felt a tremendous rage afterwards

At my family, at myself

For doing things I don’t feel like doing

By harming the worm, I harmed myself in a way


Each bout of anger hides something else underneath

Family, friends, neighbors are only the scapegoats of our emotions

These emotions are trying to tell us something deeper

To show us things to understand, to heal, in us


In the case of the earthworm

There are two observations that come to my mind

The first is that I’m still too anguished about the environment

And when nature around me is wounded, I bleed internally

The second is that I still want to please too much people

I need their approbation

I need to be in utter harmony with them


These things are not bad in themselves

In an ideal world, we would respect nature as much as nature respects us

Living in peaceful cohabitation with land, mountains and sea

As well as with the animal and vegetal realms

And of course, with fellow human beings

But Earth is an aggressive, harsh planet where to live

It’s not a place of fair sunshine and light drizzles and abundant harvests everywhere

Instead, it’s a place where storms and earthquakes run through the planet, internally and externally

It’s a place where in order to survive humans must eat and drink and heat themselves and protect themselves

The initial harshness of Earth has rubbed off on its inhabitants, animals and men

This harshness, added up to men’s irrational rational fears, makes of some of them the cruelest of all creatures

Of course, human societies could grow in wisdom and live at peace among each other

Neighbors could learn to love each other too

But that’s not yet the reality of Earth today

And in order to make a change, to help humanity evolving toward something better

I must first accept how it is today, without judgments, without anger and fear

I must accept environmental destructions and global warming and wars

I must accept social inequalities and closed mentalities

I must accept other people’s defects, and instead focus on loving them for their unique qualities

It’s only through love that we can encourage people around us to use more and more these gifts they hide deep down inside of them