Discovering colors

In life there as many basic emotions

As there are basic colors

Red, blue and yellow corresponding to

Anger, sadness and elation in their purest form


Secondary emotions are derived from secondary colors

Green stems from a deeper layer of sadness hidden by pretended elation

For those who don’t want to show their pain to the world and instead try to offer a neutral, happy face

Purple appears when deeper sadness is covered with a protective layer of anger

For those who are too afraid to show their pain and their weakness, and instead offer a harsh face to others

Orange corresponds to a deeper layer of anger with a layer of elation on top

For those who contain their most intense emotions and prefer to hide their anger

Each of these behaviors is intrinsic to the individual’s temper and soul, influenced by culture and upbringing


Then, there still are two other colors I find interesting

Brown, and black, are an effect of the superposition of many colors, many unsorted emotions

A confused mixture of anger and sadness

And white, the lightest and purest of colors, that of sunlight

Taking birth from the superposition of all existing colors in the spectrum blended in equal measure


A true balance is reached in life when our state of mind becomes white

When each color is distinguished from others and valued for its beauty and brightness

And yet none is preferred over the others, for each color, each emotion, is fooling in a way

Anger always hides sadness and fear underneath, and even if it appears red to the eyes, with time it becomes purple, then blue

Elation is a transient moment of happiness that should be appreciated, a thick layer of yellow paint, but still hides underneath moments of anger and sadness

When we become the prey of a strong emotion, as human beings, that becomes our unique reality

We start seeing everything with red or purple glasses, forgetting that once we could see all the colors of the world

So engrossed are we in this particular state of mind, we have lost sight of the global picture, we have forgotten all our accumulated wisdom

This is what pushes some persons to harm themselves and others

When that happen, when we realize we are becoming blinded by a particular color

It’s important to express that emotion, and not to repress it inside

For repressed emotions start rotting and tainting our life with negativity we aren’t even aware of

But when expressing that emotion, care is needed to make it in a constructive fashion

Writing it, painting it, singing it, but not expressing it directly at the face of the subject of your emotion

For it is probable that this person that has angered or saddened you, is only a scapegoat, a superficial cause and not a deeper one

Deep down in our mind, in our heart, in our spirit, all emotions are related to ourselves, to who we are, to our deepest fears and deepest wounds and deepest wounds and deepest dreams, some we are not even consciously aware of

This external person or thing that has angered you, saddened you, is only a pretext, a little push of life, to make you explore that particular emotion, and understand little by little its deeper cause

For life, God, wants us to become fully conscious about our emotions

Not to be their blind slaves, or conduits

But knowing masters, using emotions as piano keys, guitar strings, colors

Every time you become prey to an emotion, don’t let it become a discordant cacophony or a broken disc

Instead explore its beauty, understand its shape and express it in beautiful melodies and paintings

That is how I learnt to paint, how I understood that even if my paintings are esthetically ugly or imperfect, they are the perfect impression of who I am in this particular moment and are extremely potent for that, to help me understand myself, inspiring me to write


Seeing the world in real sunlight

Feeling unconditional love for everything

For fellow human beings, for animals and plants, for rocks and days and nights and storms

Is my final ambition, one that I have not reached it yet

My perception is still tainted with fear

The fear to lack on the morrow, the fear to be judged, the fear to be harmed

Fear is a distorting lens that stands between us and the world as it really is

Fear is a veil of haze that grays and obscures our true nature, our unique gifts

Fear is an obstacle to overcome


Despite my impatience

This process cannot be sped up, rushed

It takes time to understand oneself, to explore the depth of human nature

And overcome its weaknesses

About Erik Vincenti Zakhia

Dear all, I will share with you many of my poems, short stories, drawings and paintings telling of my journey of self-discovery and my reflections about life, love, art, spirituality, sexuality, kundalini rise, and twin flames. They all fall within the realm of Hazen. May you have an inspiring visit!


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  2. I must read this post of yours once again. I feel so educated about what emotion each colour represents.

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