Mind seasons

On fall times

Days follow one another

Time streams downward, slowly but surely

Passing you closely, without you even noticing

So engrossed are you in your daily activities

And deaf dissatisfaction gnaws at you

Which dream have you locked inside your heart?

Which emotions have you ignored for so long and reduced to a silent whisper?

Which storm have you contained and sedimented in the very bones of your body?

Your mind is so muddled, your body is so tired, your time is counted

You don’t have the energy or the lucidity to move forward

From this state of stillness and awaiting


Sometimes in life

Sudden powerful winds rise and start blowing

Northern and eastern winds bring about dry air and existential questions

Southern and western winds are laden with heavy clouds of emotions

Angry streaks of black color the sky up high

And warm southern winds twirl around your stomach, your throat

Until you express all the anger that has accumulated there, shouting it outward

Then the wind changes direction to west uncovering a pocket of sadness

And clouds burst, and a long awaited rain waters your mind and your cheeks

It clears the dust and the haze that have accumulated there

And your heart swells with a fluid warmth singing of spring


And now elation is yours and you feel that everything becomes possible anew

All your body feels rejuvenated and strong

You are going to accomplish your dreams, yes you are going to

You have valiantly overcome life’s difficulties and setbacks

And from now on nothing will be able to stop you

Every morning you wake up at dawn, eager about this new day that starts

This new day that brings promises and novelty to your child’s soul


Until a new setback slides down like a rock and cuts your path near a precipice

You are forced to go down in the valley and walk in the undergrowth

And you lose sight of beacon of light that had been guiding you

At first, you have the energy to cut your way through the undergrowth despite all the brambles

But after a while your stamina drops and you settle down to follow another path that is not yours

And you keep on walking without knowing where you are going, until each of your steps becomes meaningless and tiring and your eyes can no longer see in the fog where your mind bathes

And thus the cycle starts over


Things are not always so regular

For some minds remain stuck in one particular season

Many in the grayness and stillness of fall’s routine

Others in the darkness and dreariness of wintry existential questions

There are also those who are caught in ceaseless storms of anger, or perpetual drizzle

And these storms lose their clearing power

There are many shades in between

Patterns that repeat themselves

Days of fall that follow days of spring for no apparent reason

What matters in those occurrences is to let the wind of emotions blow freely

To give free reign to your feelings, at least internally

To write or draw them down on a paper until you sort them out

Which emotion is pushing you into the right direction, toward new understandings?

Which emotion is holding you in a self-destructive pattern of ego?

Don’t let this numbness stall your hands and your feet

Don’t let this cushion of haze gently fool your mind

Fast retrieve the lit tower that guides your path


And perhaps someday your dream will become true

This precious seed you were given at the beginning of times

This plant you have taken care of through countless lives

Will finally start sheltering the traveler in the shade of its boughs and its fine foliage

And bearing fruits to quench her thirst for truth and for love

Helping her grow her own tree and plant it not very far from yours

And soon the wild steppes will become a forested orchard

And summer will finally light every corner of your mind

And spread its gentle warmth in your heart


Stilled forests – Fall times

Stilled forests - Fall times - Erik Vincenti Zakhia


Winter of the mind

Winter of the mind - Erik Vincenti Zakhia


Bleeding skies – Spring times

Bleeding skies - Spring times - Erik Vincenti Zakhia


City of temples – Summer times

City of temples