It is the story of a town like any other in appearance

Which hides underneath the lowest of its cellars a world of its own

Rocks that slowly become a sky, highlighting a chain of mountains

A lake quietly bathing a wide beach of ocher sand

A small hill elevated by mighty roots, hiding yet another world underground

A world of roots and boughs and branches and strings and foliage

An unreadable mess for the eyes, a complex web forming a town of its own right

A tree holds together the different planes of realities

The upper town is bustling with life, animation, hurry

The lower world is still asleep, dark, unreadable

It nourishes the tree quietly, secretly, but it’s as though it was not there.

One day, the underground world suddenly wakes up

Or rather, the tree takes conscience of its existence, through its boughs, its roots

He feels the cold wind on his skin, the nourishing sap through his veins, the quenching water bathing his feet

Slowly the darkness recedes and new colors emerge, lighting this strange world still unknown to the eyes

The heart seems to understand what is going on, he pumps water from the underground rivers through the tree, he irradiates lights of different colors, conversing with the mind and the other organs

A town has come into full life, and the tree hears its echoes

And the echoes become stronger and stronger, a continuous melody threatening to push in the background the melody of the upper town that becomes closer to a cacophony for knowing ears

The underground light starts seeping through the tree, in his roots and his boughs, in the air around

And for the first time the tree sees the outside world in vibrant colors, realizing it had always been of a bland grey before

Close to the tree the soil has come open to make space for a blazing mushroom

The tree at first tries to resist this new addition through his roots, jealous of the order of the garden around him

But soon he realizes that the mushroom who has stemmed from his very roots contributes to light the world with his own glow

And he learns to tolerate him, and as understanding grows between them, he starts sheltering him in his damp shade

Under the tree and the mushroom and the lake and the mountains, the underground town is blooming with colors and life

Roots are joyfully twisting and curling, drinking water in many different rivers they can now reach, each with its own taste and color and peculiarity

Nourishing the body and the mind with this newly found diversity

And each organ grows a cathedral of its own, flower or butterfly like

And above these flowers the heart stands like a dome covering them all in his light.