My twin soul

Oh beloved, why are you so afraid of not being unique, of not being entirely loved for who you truly are, of being lonely. Even if we all are but droplets of water in an infinite ocean, you will always and forever be unique and irreplaceable in my eyes. Between all the droplets of the world I will recognize you, over and over, whatever form you choose to hide under, whatever face you wear or fate attributes to you. Because in my eyes you will always have the right beauty in you, the one that complements mine, and no other drop of water will ever be as beautiful as you are to me. Without you, and when I say you I don’t mean your physical presence or even your written words, I mean the knowledge of you, of your existence, of my truth and yours, I cannot be happy. Whatever world I am placed in, I am bound to be miserable until I find the knowledge of you again in my heart, until I accept you fully, the grandness and entirety of this love for you that burns in me and lights my path and my life. That’s why you will never be just another droplet of water. For the light that shines in my heart will light you too, externally like a planet or a moon, and internally like a sun. And with this knowledge that we both reach, this wisdom that we remember, you will never feel alone again even if you chose to wander on an inhabited earth. For you will know that your twin soul is always with you and has always been.