Listen to the Maanfluisteren

Beloved princess of the Sunken Realms, captor of the Steelregel. Rest assured that I already know of your sad loneliness and your impatience. But this is a process that cannot be sped up. The potion has already been set to stew on the fire, with nearly all the ingredients required. But remember that this is not a business as simple as back then when you were retained in Epfland and we had broken you out, spreading a mist so thick after the sunset that it had confused your captors and allowed you to make an escape for the night and return quietly before dawn. This time we are confronting a well-manned Kasteldrecht that has been fortified for years and years and that cannot be famished easily. We have already broken through the external walls, but that has gained us almost nothing. The inner walls are so mightily built that we need to make them explode from below. It’s been months and months we have been relentlessly digging, and now the galleries have reached almost exactly the right place. And as soon as the magical potion is ready, we will set fire to the gallery and let it collapse, and with that the last wall of Kasteldrecht will fall. Meanwhile retain your strength and your fairness, beloved princess, and make ready to use of your favorite weapon. Handschrift, that’s how you call it? I have witnessed your progress lately, and now you have so widely expanded your repertoire you will be devastating and shear through the soldiers of Steelregel with ease and force your way out to freedom as the mad warrior you can be. Listen to the Maanfluisteren, that’s where the signal will come from.