The soul seed


Each soul is like a tiny, unique seed.

A seed that will sprout not in a tree, but in a realm, in an living island with towns, forests, birds.


Each human being, whereas in Deep, Middle or Shallow Hazen, or in Earth, possess this seed, this tiny flicker of light that binds them to the endless.


Most human beings living on earth still have their souls as an intact seed (fortunately, it is an indestructible seed), but for some it hasn’t even germed, for others it is still a tiny plant.


Once the rational mind starts living in balance with the heart, the seed-soul start growing and developing itself. Wise-rational individual will perceive their soul as a luminous tree for instance, they won’t perceive all its boundlessness and grandness.


As one’s travel closer to Deep Hazen, people start having a much better consciousness of their souls, as well as the souls of others. They become able to communicate at soul level. To decrypt and understand all their “Soul Dream” (like the genetic material of the soul) and live up to it. Even further, on the boundary between Deep Hazen and the world of Spirits, human beings live with their soul having reached its full maturity. Their consciousness is no longer contained in a body. It freely flows in rocks, trees, rivers, towns, eagles that all belong to their soul. And the souls of the people living there in communities are intertwined. Each lives up to his Soul Dream, up to his personal legend. There’s no money system. Each does his or her passion, what he or she loves doing. Painting, writing, playing music, sculpting, bread baking, shoemaking… Perfect little communities where each individual, each soul, is entirely unique and irreplaceable, where each soul willingly gives to the other what she creates. For instance, the baker will put all his heart and his creativity in what he is doing, in full harmony with what nature produces at this season, ever discovering new recipes, and baking different breads for each person in function of their taste. The baker will himself go to the wheat and barley fields and take the wheat that the farmer has produced…

It is easier to do so in Hazen as the human body needs less food, and nature is much more generous and fulfilling than on Earth where it has been quite impoverished.