A foreigner

I am like a foreigner
In a place I once knew
A place I once knew like my own hand
A place I once called my homeland
A distant dream now
A memory lost

My thoughts are unfocused
My vision blurred
I try to follow one of its paths
But it seems to lead nowhere
I form one step after another
But the landscape around me does not move
I thrive to go yonder
To meet with its depths
With its valleys and its mountains
And its secret towns
Carved in the rock
Grown in the forest
But I can’t even hear the echo of their bells
These bells that used to fill my heart
With joy and sorrow
Sorrow and joy
As the moons grew and waned
And the seasons passed

The veil of deafness has fallen upon my ears
I try to walk further on the path
But there’s a distance with the trees and the bird singing
A gap within me that nothing can fill
The pine needle I rub is scentless
The wild apple I bite is tasteless
My eyes see without seeing
Unconnected from my mind
And my hands lie still
Deserted by the force of life

After death comes birth

After death comes Life

A light to be rekindled dwindles now behind the eyes that do not see

Its ember lies dormant within the deepest black of ghastly smoke

The fumes thick enough to be smothering its life

Tendrils of smoke stretch across the landscape of a face so familiar once

Obscuring hills, destroying views

But what does destruction yield but a new beginning?

When the smoke lifts and tears clear the eyes of the beholder

It is the innocence of a child that looks anew upon the world

Seeing facets of a memory that were never before uncovered

Reaching new understandings, new ties with all its eyes touch

And the deeper black the smoke obscuring all from view

The fresher is the eye that comes behind

The only thing it needs now is a fan to chase away the clouds


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