A desert of sand

The empty paper stares

White and flat and silent

Child of the desert of sand

That has shrouded

The colorful wonders

Of my imagination.


Oh, may it rain again!

And may the scent of rain

Cuddling the dry bareness

Swelling it like baked bread

Delight my nostrils.


They say it is climate change,

I say it is their noise.

Their damned noise

That follows me everywhere

In my ears, in my sleep,

Their horns, their ads

And their science

Sowing dissonance

In my heart, in my mind.


A swarm of locusts has eaten all greeneries

Fields of barley and wild flowers

Fir trees and humming birds

Are all gone,

The rocky hills were cut down in quarries

And sent to the factories,

The streaming river

Where I used to swim and walk barefoot

Was diverted to irrigate beet sugar fields

Hateful to my sight

In their sheer dullness.


Oh, what has become

Of the playing ground

Of my childhood,

What has become

Of my dearest and sweetest dreams.


The desert of sand

Has buried them

Sedimenting them in hopes


Image of the emptiness

And the mind

Is a desert of sand


A mountain of time stands behind me