Full moon night

Full Moon was dominating with its splendor a starry sky,

Eclipsing the paling stars by its beauty,

Clouds were floating freely,

Carried away by wind,

Inspiring freedom,

Infinite and grandiose freedom,

Clouds reflecting extraordinary tones,

Blue, grey, mauve, purple,

Twinkling and emitting wonderful colors,

Incarnating the infinite diversity of Nature.

Immersed in the contemplation of this living spectacle,

I tried to stop the flow of my thoughts,

Contenting myself of living fully this new emotion,

Simple but precious,

Lulled to the spring breeze willingness,

By silver and golden rays.

Time had stopped that night,

Immortalizing those rare instants of happiness,

Perfect harmony,

Where He and the actors were of one mind,

Where Man was coming back to sources,

To the essence of World and Life,

So often ignored,

By a society having decided not to live!

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