Growing into the faerie prince and the faerie princess

Arno and Syrtanyelle must now grow into the faerie prince and the faerie princess. They must find their purest and most truthful and compassioned self. They must retrieve the vulnerability and the emotional nakedness and the naivety of when they were a little child. There are no more excuses to perpetuate the behaviours of the … Continue reading Growing into the faerie prince and the faerie princess

Fully alive

The faerie prince and the faerie princess are scarred all over their bodies. Their entire skin is painful to the touch, they have wounds everywhere. But their love is stronger than the pain. When they retrieve one another after having confronted death itself, their first instinct is to throw themselves in one another’s arms. They … Continue reading Fully alive

I’m a liar

Every afternoon Syrtanyelle feels very much oppressed by her part time job. Then everything seems, becomes, entirely hopeless. She feels like she doesn’t want, doesn’t want, doesn’t want to lead this stupid life she dislikes. She ponders about the absurdity of her choices. This afternoon Syrtanyelle can’t take it anymore. It’s enough, it’s enough, it’s … Continue reading I’m a liar


As fusion happens the heart of a new star is born a new sun shines and calls planets and comets to its orbit transforming desert bodies of ice in thriving worlds and moons as its warming rays melt the lifeless crust The newly formed sun stretches its realm pushing farther and farther the creation haze … Continue reading Fusion

A soul scream

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahaahhahahahahahahahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Enouuuuughhhhh Enough I can’t cope with this pain anymore I can’t I simply can’t Please do something Pleeeeaaaaaaassssssseeeeeeeee Pllleeeeeeaaaaaaaaassssssssseeeeee dooooo ssooommmeeettthhinng Doooooo sooooommmmmmmmmeeeeetttttthhhhhhiiiiiiingnnggg   Syrtanyelle is in pain, in so much pain. It has become a torture. Her incapacity to express herself. Her incapacity to say the truth, to get out from … Continue reading A soul scream

Red beetle

It is hard to find a red beetle on a sunny day of Spring in the middle of a field of wild flowers crimson, purple, yellow, blue, mauve, violet, rose ochre, white, light and dark green and brown all the colours of nature are present around you as you look for your red beetle Sometimes … Continue reading Red beetle

The witch

A long time ago I have met a witch and without even giving me a charm or a love potion my heart has immediately chosen her This witch is the most beautiful person I have ever seen In the night’s fair she travels on winged clouds and visits the souls in pain Somehow she knows … Continue reading The witch


Whatever Syrtanyelle does, Arno does not want to feel pain anymore. He does not want to feel hurt by her behaviours. She is free to work the jobs of her choice. She is free to date the boy of her liking. She is free to marry that man too. She is free to have children, … Continue reading Freedom

You are

You are the love and the beauty and the laughter and the joy in everything and everyone around me You are in the love and the smile and the affection my mother and my father shower me with since I came into this world You are in the words of wisdom an old priest told … Continue reading You are


God, My beloved and me we have suffered enough Over the years we have tried all sorts of pain We have been victims and culprits we have harmed and been harmed we have betrayed and been betrayed we have judged and been judged we have killed and been killed we have raped and been raped … Continue reading God

Death and rebirth

Arno has been captured. Declared guilty of loving Syrtanyelle. A forbidden love. He is imprisoned, beaten. The next morning he is confronted with Syrtanyelle's clan. Her parents, her betrothed, her friends. The judge and the investigators are also present. They manacle Arno placing him in a kneeling position and they start to lash him. It's … Continue reading Death and rebirth

Reading me

And now my dear after a long night spent on the theatre of dreams together while you tried to communicate to me what I don’t understand during the day you’re again pulling at my arm and letting me hear the fear in your thoughts letting me step into it, feel it, until I can truly … Continue reading Reading me


Again you share your thoughts with me you take my hand and let me step with you inside your, my, anguish How will things go how will they unravel what exactly will happen and in what order when will we be together physically together or at distance will it take time will there still be … Continue reading How?

Word hurt

I thought I could not hurt you with my words but oh, how very wrong I was There were times when each of my word was painful to read There in my prose you felt our distance our separation You felt how I focused my attention on other things, other people, instead of you There … Continue reading Word hurt


Your face is beaming in all its splendour as your heart beats in awe marvelled at the depth of this love When we first met you would have never imagined I would have remained forever with you You thought I was like everyone else a passing comet a little closer, a little farther But surely … Continue reading Beaming

A new shine

My dear we have gone to the deepest suffering that exists we have fallen into despair we have experienced the fiercest anger we have shed many a tear and we have laughed like never before We have tried all the colours of the rainbow and now we are finally ready for creation using all what … Continue reading A new shine


The sun is undergoing an eclipse it has disappeared from the sky replaced by a black disk and my soul is in pain My sun is gone how can I live without The next moment the leaves of my tree yellow, redden and drop The town of my spirit loses its consistence And becomes a … Continue reading Eclipse

Can you feel me

Can you feel me when I think of you very strongly when I imagine our proximity can you sense my caresses does your breathing become deeper, faster can you feel a warm wave running from your chest to your limbs filling you with the ecstasy of completeness and the strongest love for me  


I do not like my beard it weighs on my face it bears the past in its pikes it makes me look unlike myself in the mirror and yet I am sometimes lazy to shave it but as I grow closer to you I realize the importance of feeling well within my skin and taking … Continue reading Beard

A hug

For a moment I think of removing the words of the past that might be hurtful for you But you have felt their wake already and I’d better learn from my mistakes and offer you a hug of warmth and consolation after having been so harsh to you Can you feel my embrace my kiss … Continue reading A hug


Through your love through your words and mine I am growing into a healer Through my prose and my poetry I decompose show, reveal the inner workings of the heart and the mind I bring wounds to the light extract the infected tissues purify the sane skin under the action of the sun and the … Continue reading Healer

Tied words

This morning my words are tied as uncertain winds sweep my heart Did I betray others by throwing their gifts away does that mean I have lost their love I regret the past out of fear of the future I doubt what I did because I still do not love entirely I remember scenes instead … Continue reading Tied words

On the snow

I lightly dance on the snow step after step trying not to sink I am more familiar with the blue immensity than the cold whiteness And yet I prefer to watch both from afar sipping a warm tea or a fresh lemonade and reading books and writing my own